Jennifer Reyes 12/15/22

Cleaning IBC Totes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning IBC Totes: A Step-by-Step Guide
Jennifer Reyes

How to properly clean an IBC Tote?

Large shipping costs can rise easily, and many businesses must trim their spending whenever possible. This includes cleaning and refurbishing intermediate bulk containers (IBC totes) to make them possible to use again. What is the safest method of cleaning reusable IBC tanks? Here's a quick overview on how to clean IBC totes, what to ensure you do every time, and what to stay away from.

How do you clean IBC tote tanks?

It is essential that your IBC totes are kept in clean and sanitary conditions as part of the best practices for a safe and healthy workplace. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your IBC totes. With the right maintenance and cleaning, you can ensure that your IBC totes are properly taken care of and last a long time. Gather all the equipment necessary to clean your container before you get started so you can easily move on to each next phase without delay.

Step 1: Empty Out All Contents From The Tote

The first step in cleaning an IBC tote is to empty out all contents from the tote. If there are still remnants of previous material left inside the tote, then it should be removed before you move on with your cleaning process. Depending on what type of material was stored in the IBC tote, there may be different methods of removing the contents. For instance, if the material was liquid or powdery, then it should be drained or vacuumed out respectively. If it contained solids, then it should be manually removed from the tote until all material has been completely emptied out.

Step 2: Rinse Out The Tote - Wash Out The Tote

Once all of the contents have been emptied out from the IBC tote, you can begin rinsing out any remaining residue inside with hot water using a garden hose or pressure washer. This will help dislodge any stubborn residue that may have stuck onto the sides or bottom of your IBC tote during storage or transport. Be sure not to use any soaps or chemicals when washing out your IBC totes as this can leave behind trace amounts that could potentially contaminate future stored materials within them.

Step 3: Dry Out The Tote

Once you have finished rinsing out your IBC totes with water, it is important that they are properly dried before being put back into service again. This can be done by leaving them outside in open air or placing them inside a dry room which has adequate ventilation and airflow circulation. You may also want to use fans or blowers in order to speed up the drying process as well as prevent any mold or mildew from forming due to excess moisture within your environment after rinsing out your totes. Most cleaning solutions just require that you let it sit and air dry for a few hours instead of needing to attempt to wipe it down. Some products may require only a rinse between uses while others required a more in depth wash or the use of a pressure washer.

Can I clean IBC tote with bleach?

It is not necessary in most use cases to wash and rinse with a bleach or chlorine solution. Depending on the previous contents of the IBC tote it may be unsafe to use bleach as the bleach could interact with a previous chemical so be sure to use a washing solution or simply just clean water that is appropriate for your situation.

Different standards for food-grade totes

In order for an IBC tote to remain categorized as a food-grade tote you may have to follow specific protocol that limited what products you can use to clean out our IBC tank. Checking the manufacturer cleaning instructions is always your best bet to ensure that you follow the recommended cleaning procedures for your food-grade tank.

Washed and ready to reuse

Cleaning and maintaining your IBC totes is an essential part of ensuring their longevity and safety for whatever purpose they serve in your business operations. By following these steps closely, you can ensure that your totes are kept in clean and sanitary conditions so that they can serve their intended purposes for years down the line without having any issues arise due to improper maintenance and upkeep procedures over time.

If at any point during this process you feel like something needs more attention than what was outlined here – such as if there were severe staining left over after rinsing – then it is recommended that you seek a professional cleaning service who can address those specific issues accordingly in order for them not become bigger problems down the line for yourself or anyone else involved with handling these items on a regular basis going forward.

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