Jennifer Reyes 12/19/22

Where To Buy DEF

Where To Buy DEF
Jennifer Reyes

Where to buy DEF – Whether you’re looking to refill your vehicle with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or buy an IBC Tote filled with the blue stuff… we provide the locations and solutions to your problem, READ ON.

The following links of DEF providers and producers is provided to help you located a dealer nearest you.  Many of these companies have location throughout the US & Canada and can be found on their website or by calling them direct.

DEF must be maintained at specific temperatures in order to avoid spoiling or denigrating the product.  For example, Diesel Exhaust Fluid will begin to crystallize at 12°F.  It can also lose its potency if stored for prolonged periods over 86°F.  Great care should be taken to protect DEF from high and low temperatures.  Storing at 60-70°F is preferable.

New to the market is a revolutionary heating system specifically designed to heat & maintain temperature for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The most efficient DEF Tote Heaters on the market, that we’ve tested, are manufactured by a company called Powerblanket out of Salt Lake City Utah.



At the heart of this new science is Powerblanket’s patented GreenHeat Technology – the most energy efficient method for distributing heat to the entire blanket surface, providing a uniform barrier of insulated heat that protects DEF from freezing or gelling and maintains temperature for maximum pump-ability. Powerblanket’s lightweight heated enclosure is engineered to protect the pump housing, hoses, nozzles, valves, and holding tanks from freezing. Filling stations, farmers, fleet managers, and end users now have an affordable heating solution for their DEF products without worry of gelling, spoiled product, or frozen lines.

Freeze protection and temperature control for your DEF in extreme cold locations has never been easier.  The DEF Industry now has a viable solution for heating Diesel Exhaust Fluid and protecting IBC Totes, pumps, and hoses from freezing temperatures in extreme cold weather environments. By teaming with industry giants, Powerblanket has received valuable feedback in the design and manufacturing process, allowing for a complete & effective heating solution for DEF.

$2,024.00 DEF Refilling Station Heating System - 275 gallon Powerblanket TH275DB

Powerblanket's DEF Tote Heating System is equipped to keep your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) at optimal temperatures all season long. Available in both 120V & 240V power options.